Bio true 120ml
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Bio true 120ml

Brand: Bausch and Lomb
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Bio true 120ml

Biotrue Solution

Solution Information

Biotru is a unique lens care solution that works as gently and naturally as your eyes. this makes wearing contact lenses gentle and easy on the eyes. Biotru has been developed by Bausch +Lomb after researching and observing how the eye keeps itself healthy naturally by cleansing and hydrating itself. Biotru is an outstanding solution that has been developed on these lines in contact lens solutions.

Biotru does not just clean; it goes much beyond that, having three innovations inspired by biology.

  • It has outstanding cleansing properties and an unparalled ability to disinfect. Biotru has the same ph. value as tears and natural protein management, thus providing disinfection that is as natural as possible.
  • Each drop of Biotru can moisten the eyes for up to 20 hours. It contains hyaluronan (HA) a lubricant found in the human body. Hyaluronan (HA) is responsible for the hydration of the eyes naturally. As Biotru contains this active ingredient, the solution moisturizes the eyes in the same way as nature does.
  • Biotru also helps to maintain certain proteins which are beneficial and keeps them active. Proteins are the body’s natural germ fighters. Outside stresses sometimes make these proteins lose their structure, making them denatured. Biotru helps remove these denatured proteins, keeping your lenses extremely clean.

Biotru is a unique and advanced product from Bausch + Lomb, which provides extraordinary care for your lenses and eyes.

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